Friday, January 12, 2007


For individuals and families, maintaining a place to live is the most important part of a disaster plan. If you have your home (house/condo/apartment), everything else is easy. Threfore, planning for individuals and families must add one additional factor in disaster preparedness: Presence

Presence is either yes or no.

Presence: Yes You will be able to maintain your presence in your home unit
Presence: No You will need to evacuate and be unable to maintain your presence in your home unit

Presence has a significant impact on planning. If Presence is yes, you do not need to worry about types and amount of clothing or bedding. You do not need to worry about footwear, or weather gear. You will have access to tools, utensils, a minimal level of shelter and a whole lot of comfort regardless of the external circumstances because you are in your home. Even in darkness, you will be able to move more freely.

If the structural integrity of your housing remains intact, most Americans can deal with a 6:2 or lower disaster with only minimal additional planning beyond your day to day living. Events requiring you to evacuate are the exception.

If the potential for damage to your housing exists (flooding, wild fires) then whether you are required to evacuate or not requires you to plan for Presence: No.

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