Monday, November 13, 2006

Who are you relying on?

One of the things that has struck me about Katrina is the number of people wandering around in New Orleans asking what to do, where to go, where is the help?

If disaster struck, would you be sitting around waiting for the government to come bail you out? Do you want to appear on TV complaining that no one is helping you while you sit 10 feet from the very place disaster struck you maybe days ago?

Virtually every kid in America has come home and asked if the family had an evacuation plan if something happened....and virtually every parent said yes...with absolutely no thought to an actual answer to "what is it?".

If a tornado was heading your way, what would you do with the short notice you have?
If a blizzard was forecast, what is your plan for being stranded for days?
If a hurricane is headed your way, how will you flush the toilets, have water, survive?
If a brush fire is headed your way, what do you take?

What about disasters with no warning? Earthquakes, tsunami?

If you were told today, that you had 24 hours to prepare for no heat, electricity, transportation, telephone, internet, TV for 15 days...what are you going to do?

Want a worse case scenario? A major earthquake, 9.2, hits California this weekend and terrorists, planning for years, denonate a 1 kiloton dirty bomb in either NY or DC on the same day.

Now what?

Does your family, extended family, friends and neighbors have a plan? Why not?

The purpose of this site:

First. We will define disasters.
Second. We will begin to formulate reasonable plans to face those disasters.
Third. We will seek out suppliers and services to provide the necessary items for those reasonable plans.

If you don't have a plan for your survival, who are you relying on?

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